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Oekosolve AG

Oekosolve AG has been developing and selling electro-static particle filters for fireplaces since 2007. They have patented their unique approach to a known technology and have successfully certified their solution in a host of European countries.  Entire towns, such as Saas Fee in the Swiss alps have implemented the Oekosolve solution on all chimneys, hereby dramatically reducing the emissions of particular matter (PM) and improving the quality of air and living.


Problems with Micro-Dust:


- 16% of all micro-dust matter (DE) is caused by wood fire appliances

- Micro-dust from wood fired heating systems is highly toxic

- Micro-dust causes diseases of the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system

- Micro-dust is most dangerous close to the source



























Germany has introduced a law governing the acceptable emissions from fireplaces (1.BIMschV).

As of 2015 all fireplaces must either be compliant, install a filter, be replaced or be shut down.

Chimney sweeps have been asked to execute this new law, which without a doubt will be implement across EU countries.


Denmark and Sweden are two of the countries where the use of fireplaces for heating ist most common.  In Denmark alone there are approx. 1 million fireplaces and according to 1.BIMschV most of them will have to either be replaced or install a filter.


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