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Our dependency on fossil fuels has dominated the global political scene for 100 years and only the creation of new, decentralized and sustainable forms of energy can ready us for the continued productivity and growth of future generations.  While wind,- solar- and water-based energy production is on the rise, more economies are bringing their citizens up to a living standard that demands more energy than these new sources can produce today.  As a result, still more fossil fuels are needed and produced. The drive for new energy sources is more important today than ever and CRR is dedicated to bringing technological developments to the market in step with their maturity and adaptability.


While recycling materials such as plastics and metals has become an accepted standard for populations the world over, many valuable resources are going to waste. The ever-growing production of food for example has driven the quality of soil down and consequently increased the need for mineral fertilizers, which negatively impact our groundwater. CRR is working with patented technologies that offer valid alternatives and at the same time are looking to have a positive economic impact.


Industrialized societies create waste. While waste management is not our focus, the reduction of waste that affects all organisms is. CRR is working with filtration products that help reduce particle dust from main sources such as transport and heating. While new technologies are continuously improving the burning efficiency and reduction of nitrogen, sulfur and particle dust at the production level, there will still be an enormous need for solutions to reduce emission from existing equipment for decades to come.  CRR wants to advance the notion that every step we can take to reduce hazardous emissions as a society, is essential to the health of all, the young, the old, the frail and the robust.

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