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CRR dry SOx maritime scrubber


Ship owners are confronted with huge challenges to comply with the 2020 SOx regulation.

CRR offers a dry filter marine exhaust gas cleaning solution which can be retrofitted easily in a matter of days. The system works in a closed loop environment without any use of harmful chemicals or any discharge of waste materials into the sea. 

Addressing the challenges of the maritime industry, the solution a light-weight and scalable dry filter system for the reduction of SOx, PM and BC.

Also, the system is highly efficient also from a financial point of view, without requiring the ship to be docked with stort port period during installation.



Remarkable advantages

Efficient removal of SOx emissions from HFO

  Closed loop system with low backpressure

  PM and BC removal rates of +99,8%

  Easy, fast and low-cost installation

  Suitable for retrofit installations

  Modular and scalable solution

■ No use of toxic chemicals

■ Short payback time

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